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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on healing technique, which involves a very gentle mobilization of the craniosacral system ( the cranium, spinal chord with its peripheral nerves and the sacrum),  with the cerebrospinal fluid being produced and absorbed by the body and in particular concentrating on restoring the cerebrospinal fluid’s rhythmic and uninterrupted flow, which is equally important to body’s health as the heartbeat and breathing.

Craniosacral Therapy may be of benefit in many disorders like:

  • body injuries

  •  spinal injuries,

  •  hyperactivity - ADD, ADHD, 

  • cerebral palsy,

  • learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia),

  • emotional / psychological  problems

  • depression

  • post- operative and

  • stress related problems

  • traumatic experiences

  • “unexplained” aches and pains

  • fibromyalgia


Even without any significant symptoms Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial in

  • boosting general wellbeing,

  • reduction of stress,

  • improvement in quality of sleep,

  • increase in energy and vitality,  and

  • enhancement of the whole body’s functioning.


It is a very gentle yet profound technique, which needs a 45-90minutes session


Your own body determines how many sessions it needs, your job is to listen to it.

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