Remedial Massage is a hands-on, direct body work which involves application of pressure and tissue manipulation according to your body's needs and responses. 

   It may aid with : 

  • injuries 

  • musculo-skeletal disorders

  • postural imbalances

  • strains and sprains

  • removes blockages and damaged cells, helps with scar tissues and adhesions

  • promotes and restores blood flow and circulation

  • speeds up work-outs' recovery 

  • encourages a more complete healing.

 Thanks to a deep effect of relaxation achieved during the session,  your  body  may be able to:

  • alleviate stress 

  • restore balance

  • recover vitality

  • achieve a sense of general wellbeing 

  • improve mobility 

  • obtain benefit in pre- and post-natal care

  • obtain  soothing and reassuring effect in palliative care